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Weekend of amazing! - alieu_4ever
Weekend of amazing!
Ok, now for my Renn Faire/weekend of epic win post. Wow..where to start. I guess at the beginning. So let it begin!!

Friday I went home with Leslie and Jimmie, after letting everyone meet Christian. We stopped and got a cake for Roni for her b-day. Me, Leslie, Jimmie, Roni, and Anna spent the night playing DDR, Apples to Apples, Cranium, Slap, and Swap. Such entertaining things happen when we get together. For listing of random quotes see Jimmie's post. Anywho, after games we cuddled and watch Empire Records (win). Then bed.

Saturday started really early but it was soooooo worth it. Got up and got ready and went to Renn Faire. Rented a costume once I got there and from that point on set out to genderly confuse as many people as I could. *Evil laugh* I think my final count was 4..or 5? Saw the Limey Birds twice, and Palo Garbanzo, and this odd dog show. Bought losts of stuffs.. too much >.< but oh well. I'm already ready for Renn Faire next year. Happy. Anywho, after Faire, we brought Roni back to Hammond and we all went back to Leslie and Jimmie's and played Uno and watch Cruel Idenities. Then it was bad time as everyone was exhausted.

Sunday was just a day of lounging, watching House, and PS3. Once Leslie got home from work we watch Hellboy II which was fail...but soooooo pretty.

Ok, now I am off to do that studying thing. Grrr at Bio and its silly silly tests. G'night all. <3 <3

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