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1 tequilla, 2 tequilla, 3 tequilla, floor - alieu_4ever
1 tequilla, 2 tequilla, 3 tequilla, floor
Finally back home from Mexico, so this will be the long post of epic 'here's what happened.' First off may I say that the boat in itself sucked..more on that, but the trip was fantablous.

So first day. Entire day at sea on the way to Progresso. Our boat left like 8 hours late due to a late food devilery truck and all the luggage that needed to go on, but I'll cut some slack on that since this was the first boat out of N.O. since the oil spill. Actually ended up meeting a chic I had stats with and as if it wasn't a small enough world, she was rooming with someone in our group. So as it was her first cruise I went with her and we explored the boat. (Ok note here: I actually took the same boat on our cruise to the Bahamas but the dry docked it for 5 months and did a $26 million renevation.) So apart from expoloring and eating we didn't do much. Oh I lie..there was a super amazing (and somewhat racy ;) ) broadway show that night and a midnight adult comedy show from Anthony Acosta. Then it was bed.

Day two: Progresso. First thing Progresso is hot as BALLS. But ya. So I was forced to get off the ship here cause my aunt was going to meet her deceased brother's girlfriend and little girl. Supposedly the girlfriend didn't speak any English. Well she did, but her mom spoke non. (Not that she spoke slow enough for me to understand, but whatever) So apart from getting a nifty henna fleur-de-lis and having to translate a word here or there when the English/Spanish equivlent was needed I just got to do nothing. Actually took us about 2 hours to find them though and in that time we learned how hard it is to buy a calling card, find a phone, and use the card at the right phones. Once we met them though it was alright. So we took a bus (scary btw) into what I dubbed 'real Mexcio' actually Merida to go back to their hotel and have lunch. Then came the terrifying part. We took a Meixcan taxi and they made me sit in the front. Ok so I'd never been in a taxi so I was thrilled until the ride started. I was making my peace with God after the first block. I vow to never complain about La drivers again. EVER. So ya, we went and had lunch, then we got on a bus back to Progresso, got on a shuttle bus to go back down the pier and run back on the boat. After that it was brief nap, dinner, whatever show they had that night and then bed.

Day three: Cozumel. So here's where it gets interesting. Cozumel is beautiful, but deadly. Everywhere you go free shots of tequilla. Of course on of our first stops is a tequilla tasting places. After about 6 shots (or 7 don't remember) we left with $265 worth of tequilla (including chocolate tequilla). So pretty much ambled around. Made it to Senor Frogs and into a few local shops. Went to go get back on the boat only to find that there had been an electrical fire on a crew deck and we had to wait at least another hour to get back on. So I went with Melissa to go get something my mom had seen but didn't get and on our way out we stopped for a few more shots. (Actually about 7 more). So when we got back we could get back on the boat. I stumbled back on the boat. Same routine after that, dinner and a show then bed.

Day four: Day at sea. Used this day to get a massage, go down the water slides on the boat, and just relax. Did some star gazing after dinner then went to bed as we were going to dock in N.O. at around 6.

So ya, that my trip in a nutshell and now I am off to watch the Saints game. (And yes we even watched the game last Mon. night on the boat. There was a whole deck of Saints fans. Was great.)
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